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      Catherine’s ritual was a wonderful wake up call to what slumbers in us all most of the time. It was literally refreshing and eye-opening


      “It was a truly wonderful experience. I think it’s very important that women meet together to share and hold space for each other. I like the way Catherine created an environment where I felt held and totally safe, which allowed me to delve deeper into the experience. Very inspiring! Thank you.”

      Nicola Smith

      It felt light and personal and yet when it came to the experience of being in the flow of the ritual it felt incredible deep. I stepped into this flow and was carried by a current of attention so deep and so present and anchored in the now. I suddenly felt I was in this other worldly experience which touched me so profoundly and yet there was no self-consciousness, doubt or judgement about if I’m doing the right thing or not. Something shifted that day it was as if I met my feminine self and liked her.”

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