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      Astrology for the Heart and Soul

      The astrological birth chart is an energetic map of a snapshot of time from the moment of birth. Astrology is the art of relationships between the cosmos and our everyday individual life experience. There are no good or bad charts but there are strong habit patterns and triggers and inclinations which a chart can indicate which can manifest in life as tendencies towards certain behaviours. .

      Seeing through the eyes of the soul

      Astrology can show us in its symbolism and placements of the planets by sign, house and aspect, how to bring our attention and awareness to the higher octave of a planetary energy and avoid the pitfalls of expressing through a negative mode of expression.

      Receiving a birth chart reading can be a powerful way to identify and shift deeply held beliefs about who we think we are and attune to a sense of our unique natural way of being. A birth chart reading can help us love the parts we normally judge, understand ourselves at a deeper level, give us clarify and perspective and ignite a sense of direction and purpose.

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      “Nature is extraordinary she never creates the same thing twice!

      Catherine Lee astrologer sussex online

      Life theme’s clients describe sessions being helpful for are:

      • A reminder of my deepest calling ready to be re-awakened
      • Confirmation that I’m on the right path
      • A deepening understanding of what’s true for me
      • Re-connection with aspects of myself which feel important
      • Connection with my gifts and a reminder of where they lie
      • Pointers to areas of life which require kindness, self-love and healing
      • A broader understanding of my unique offering to life and my authentic style of expressing
      • Clarity of how I naturally nurture myself and others and how to remain in balance with my needs
      • Understanding my ‘relational’ style how I naturally connect and feel met
      • Knowing where my energy and intention lie
      • Integrating seemingly opposite energies and ways of being and finding their meeting place
      • Deeper self-acceptance and understanding
      • Discovering my past life pattern and souls’ journey in this life

      Thank you so much Catherine for your warm, open and direct approach. The reading delved deeper than I could have ever imagined. It touched on issues and highlighted traits in me enabling understanding and clarity. It also reassured me I was on the right path in going forward and possible areas still to address around healing

      Rachel, Brighton  
      Rachel, Brighton

      Catherine’s reading is like no other I have had. She has an incredible gift to go right to the heart of things. It’s like someone speaking directly to your heart and soul and making sense of it all.

      Wook - Brighton 
      Wook - Brighton

      I was given a birth chart reading as a gift from a friend who’d had a session and loved it. Although I read my horoscope every day, I’ve always thought of it as a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. However, the reading with Catherine was genuinely amazing – it was like talking to someone that had known me for years and could read my most innermost motivations. Genuinely brilliant and I’ve already recommended Catherine to my family & friends for a very illuminating analysis of what makes you tick.

      Darren - Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
      Darren - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

      I feel so moved, from the minute you started talking to the minute you finished I felt like you were talking about me and really talking about what’s taken me fifty years to get to know. It felt you just went to where I am now on every level, it just felt right to the core. Everything you said I could relate to but what particularly resonated with me was when you talked about the north – south node of the moon.”

      Karen - London 
      Karen - London

      My reading Style

      My hearts wish when reading someone’s chart is to meet the person at a deep level and be in service of their soul. For me the birth chart is like a soul map. It offers keys to doorways, which when opened and given language can bring a renewed way of perceiving one’s life. I do not do predictions, financial astrology or guidance on soul mates or dates and times for business projects etc.

      I work specifically with birth charts to access the soul as a healing and tool of insight and perspective. I have a particular interested in the north south node of the moon and its indication in your chart, which hold keys to past life orientations and current life wellness and integration.

      Each reading is unique and an expression of what your ‘being’ is needing you to hear

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