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      Online coaching for men & women

      Why coaching

      Working with a coach is a way of being helped to create our vision, reach your goals and sustain the momentum to ground them. It is a way of being affirmed in our truth and getting clear about what we want and how we are going to achieve this. I would love to work with you!

      Somehow, we know intuitively when there is something to surrender and when something is being called to shift.  It could be an outworn belief, a habit pattern or a way of thinking. Maybe our outer world no longer reflects how we feel deep within or vice versa. Perhaps we have a sense that there is more to us that we wish to discover and explore.  Maybe we want to live more wholeheartedly and authentically, to step beyond the known and align with our calling with the help of another.

      online coach and coaching sessions

      Change occurs naturally when we embrace and receive our whole self”

      Catherine Lee coaching men and women

      Imagine how it would be to:

      • Live more wholeheartedly
      • Dare to be fully seen
      • Discover your unique offering
      • Become clear about your path
      • Step out of resistance
      • Align with your calling
      • Express your creativity
      • Be seen and supported
      • Harness your power to act
      • Sustain momentum
      • Shift outworn beliefs
      • Embody your vision
      • Say YES to life

      Catherine’s work has a baseline authenticity – borne out of a combination of her depth and humour and willingness to ‘be’ herself – she helps others access their truth for themselves.


      There’s no doubt that Catherine has a gift. She knows exactly which questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. She is kind, very wise, intuitive, humble, funny…things seem to open up and she helps me access inner knowing and wisdom. I always leave feeling accepted and with clarity. Something shifts – it’s deep work.


      You created such a safe container – so simple, down to earth and playful. The coaching session took me to another layer within myself where I could move, discover and stretch from. I felt I knew what I needed at last. Thank you.


      About my Coaching

      My coaching style is warm hearted, playful, creative, body led, and soul orientated. My emphasis is on helping you to meet yourself at a deep level and to receive and embrace your whole being. I will support you in freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, feeling your worth and embodying your vision. Whether it is about your yearning to have a child, giving birth to a project, starting a new business, changing your life’s direction or writing a book, I will support you in empowering yourself to stretch your wings and fly.

      How I work

      As a coach, I seek to establish clarity and change by working closely with the ‘body’s wisdom’ whilst using the power of the imagination. I act as a mirror and support you to connect with your deeper truth. I help you to identify obstacles and turn them into strengths and clear pathways to action. I do not work with formulas or pre-existing models but rather connect ‘in the now’ with the ‘energy’ and ‘aliveness’, facilitating dialogue and connection. I work in a multi-dimensional way utilizing my intuitive instinct for where the ‘aliveness’ is and wants to flow.

      online coach for women and men

      My Philosophy

      Change occurs naturally when we embrace and receive our whole self

      I believe who and what you are is already whole and good enough – here, now and in this moment. Receiving coaching from me is not about stepping on a self-improvement project but rather about opening to your whole being, getting clear, trusting your inner knowing and harnessing your power to act. I believe we all have a unique gift and purpose in life and my sincere wish is to support you in sharing your gifts with the world.

      Coaching and Astrology

      My coaching sessions form a natural complement to an astrological reading with me, as a way of processing and integrating information from your birth chart. Coaching sessions are also a stand-alone process and whilst a birth chart reading is helpful, it is not always necessary.

      Practical details

      My sessions are 1hr in length via zoom or in person near Lewes, East Sussex (currently all sessions are via zoom)
      I work with people who are ready to commit to their journey and invest in their unique expression.

      Book a FREE complimentary 45-minute Coaching Session with Catherine via zoom

      Coaching groups for Women

      I run coaching groups specifically for women, please see the Women Awake page for more details.