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      Catherine Lee

      Astrologer, coach & facilitator


      I am an intuitive astrologer, coach and facilitator. I help people connect with their uniqueness, hear their hearts calling and share their gifts with the world.
      I offer astrology readings and coaching for everyone and workshops for Women.

      I bring my background in the arts, ritual, healing, facilitation and my spiritual life to my work. I see astrology as an art form and medium to communicate through for the service of living a peaceful, integrated and fulfilled life. I view reading a chart as a live creative expression that  can bring important healing stories to our being, I do not give predictions but connect with you on a deep level and communicate with your soul


      “Catherine’s has an incredible gift to go right to the heart of things. It’s like someone speaking directly to your heart and soul and making sense of it all.”

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      Receive the guidance of life through the wisdom of astrology

      online coaching for women and men


      Connect with your whole being, get clear, trust your inner knowing

      guided meditation sessions online

      Women awake

      Workshops for Women’s Awakening Empowerment and Healing

      Clarity Insight Perspective Life Purpose Trust

      Astrology is the ancient art of understanding the relationship between the planets and all of life. Your birth chart is specific to you and is like a map which shows your unique styles of relating, patterns, gifts and creative potential. It shows your tendencies towards certain behaviours and how to bring your awareness to a more balanced, creative and fulfilling expression of your life. It also highlights your soul’s journey and where your life’s compass is pointing in this lifetime for your soul’s evolution.

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      “I feel so moved, from the minute you started talking, to the minute you finished, I felt like you were talking about me and really talking about what’s taken me fifty years to get to know.”

      “The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.”

      Plotinus 204-270 C.E.

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